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The delicious fragrance of smoked herring you can smell when heading toward the wharf, that is also Cap-Pelé!

The Smokehouse Museum, located in Cap-Pelé’s Information Centre is a historical gem just waiting to be discovered. When visiting the museum, you learn that these smokehouses prepare almost 95% of the world’s smoked herring; it’s living an experience and a family know-how through the words of the guide Artémise l’enfileuse and her peers.

Discover a little piece of heaven by tasting Cap-Pelé’s local flavours! And don’t forget to share your experience by using the hashtags #muséeboucanière and #RFMSE.

Entrance Fee

Smokehouse Museum

2463 chemin Acadie

Cap-Pelé, NB

Canada, E4N 1B5

6 June to 2 September

Monday - Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM

Geraline Babineau

506-577-2039 (bureau)

506-577-2017 (CIV and museum)


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Remember that you can ask for guided tours. If you are with a large group, please reserve your visit by calling the museum in advance.

The Smokehouse Museum offers three kinds of guided tours with Artémise l’enfileuse —fishing, history and treasures—at the heart of Cap-Pelé. The Acapelé Tours take place Tuesdays (French), Wednesdays (French & English) and Thursdays (French) from 9:00 to 11:30 am. The entrance fees are $7 per adult and $4 per child.

The Smokehouse Museum
Musée Boucanière
The Smokehouse Museum entrance
Herring ''horse''
Smoked herring
Collection details
Collection details
Smoked herring shipping boxes
Collection details
Collection details
Buoy Collection
Collection details
The museum's guided tours
Acapelé Tours
Musée Boucanière.1
Artemise l'enfileuse
The Cap-Pelé church bell
The Cap-Pelé angel
A visit in a Bas-Cap-Pelé Smokehouse
Lobster fishing demonstration
Aboiteau Beach in Cap-Pelé
Miniture model of an aboiteau
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