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When you think about Shediac, you think about the ocean, beach, boats and lobsters! But Shediac is much more than that; it’s a cultural and a historical town that is central to the Acadian community.

A good example of this is the Pascal-Poirier Historic House – a House of Artisans. Built in 1825, this charming house reveals several secrets, including one of the owners—the first Canadian Senator Pascal Poirier—and features a number of know-hows through the Shediac knitters and Hookeuses.

Come meet these charismatic artisans in a magnificent historic house, and don’t forget to share your experience by using the hashtags #MaisonHistoriquePP and #RFMSE.


Pascal-Poirier Historic House

399 rue Main

Shediac, NB

Canada, E4P 2B7


Closed for 2023 season

Entrance Fee


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Remember that you can ask for guided tours. If you are with a large group, please reserve your visit by calling the museum in advance.

Pascal-Poirier Historical House
Pascal-Poirier Historical House
Acadian Historical Tree
Pascal-Poirier Historical House
The traditional art of wool spinning
Knitting workshops
Reception desk
Historical conferences
The signature book
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Art Gallery
Traditional art of quilting
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Traditional art of quilting
Artisan creation for sale
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Collection detail
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Parlee Beach
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