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You will not be surprised that Shediac's big red lobster is this port city's emblem. A perfect summer's day is composed of an afternoon by the sea, visit to tourist attractions, delicious meal, and ice cream cone!


Did you know that this port city also had a train station that contributed to the region's economic and touristic development? The train, the most significant mechanical and technological innovation of the 19th century, was rolling in Shediac from the second half of the century. The old station, built in 1906, contains treasures that tell the fascinating history of transportation in Acadia.

Come on a journey to the past and discover the train history of Shediac. Do not forget to tag us on your posts! #rfmse #anciennegareshediac

Train 2.jpeg
Entrance Fee

Shediac Old Train Station Museum

231 Belliveau Ave

Shediac, NB 

Canada, E4P 1H5

15 June to 18 September

Monday to Sunday: 11 AM to 7 PM

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Remember that you can ask for guided tours. If you are with a large group, please reserve your visit by calling the museum in advance.

Voluntary donations

Trésors de l'ancienne gare
Ancienne Gare
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