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The City of Moncton’s portrait would be incomplete without its splendid cathedral. As an undeniable symbol of Acadian Christianity and identity, this historic monument marks its visitors with its rich heritage.  


Since Notre-Dame de L’Assomption Cathedral opened its doors in 1940, the architectural gem has brought together the Acadian community and helped it flourish. Come and immerse yourself in Acadian culture by participating in an exhibition that unites history and technology. This experience, like no other, will enlighten your curious mind.



Come and livre this unique experience in one of the loveliest monuments in Moncton, and don't forget to share your visit with your friends. #MR21 #RFMSE


MR21 - Digital Cathedral

224 St George Street

Moncton, NB 

Canada, E1C 0V1

From Septembre 2, 2023

by appointement only 

Entrance Fee

Remember that you can ask the for guided tours. If you are with a large group, please reserve your visit by calling the museum in advance.

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Family: 25$

Youth 12 to 17 y/o: 6$

Child 4 to 11 y/o: 4$

Student: 9$

Senior- 60+: 9$

Adult - 18+: 12$

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