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There are landscapes as far as you can see! Villagers and visitors alike are still enchanted by Memramcook’s scenery; one’s gaze quickly gets caught by its fields, streams and buildings!

The Historical Society of the Memramcook Valley passionately explains the origin of one of the oldest Acadian villages in New Brunswick. Objects and archives from the 19th and 20th centuries enable visitors to step back into Memramcook’s history. Who knows? Maybe you too will be charmed by the local people’s warmth.

Don’t forget to share your encounters and the landscapes you see using the hashtags #SHVM and #RFMSE.


Historical Society of the Memramcook Valley

612 rue Centrale

Memramcook, NB

Canada, E4K 3S7


Close for the season 

Entrance Fee



Anita Boudreau


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Remember that you can ask for guided tours. If you are with a large group, please reserve your visit by calling the museum in advance.

The Historical Society of the Memramcook Valley also invites you to visit its regional archives. This is your chance to do research and to look up information in the genealogy centre!

Memramcook Historical Society
The museum's archive collection
One of three museum exhibitions
Miniture reproduction of an aboiteau
The museum's crucifix collection
1987 Jeux de l'Acadie mascot
Religious book collection
Site of the Memramcook aboiteau
Memramcook Saint-Thomas Cemetary
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